Installing a 3 phase bussbar to connect 3 phase heineman circuit breakers ... either i am an idiot or the design engineers got this terribly wrong.

The old one was rather tricky if you got it wrong there was a huge explosion at the back of the breakers where the wires slotted behind the bussbar ... happened once ... after that i steered clear of heineman 3 phase busbbars seems they do have an upgraded version which is a little safer to work with.

The problem with the newer breakers ... the connectors pulls from the back towards when you to tighten the wire/bussbar if you turn the bussbar to the back and insert your wires from the front ...the bussbar bends ... if you turn it the other way the copper strips are not long enough ... so you have to cut back the top of the breaker ... the newer breaker literall break into pieces when you attempt to do this.

The solution ... ABB

A couple of years ago i started using ABB ...what a plasure to work with... not only do they have a slot specifically for the bussbar ... the wire and the bussbar dont fit in the same slot.

I might be doing it all wrong ...please share if you have installed them and havent had an issue.