So if you like me ... you pay that little extra and rather get a reputable company like Old Mutual to insure your business ... or so you think ... in 10 years i never put in one claim ... then i bump my vehicle and put in a claim and realise that whether you pay joe soap R400 P/M or old mutaul R950 P/M ...the repairs process is the same ... they use indipendant brokers who source the cheapest parts and service.

I make arrangements with the panel beater weeks before i drop off the vehicle ... so that everything will be ready the day the vehicle is dropped off.

What i wasnt expecting is pirate parts to be used ...considering i pay a premium for the vehicle to be repairs to the original condition not a sub standard condition.

After returning the vehicle 3 times ... one to get the panel beater to align all the new parts and finish what they started ... 2nd to polish the vehicle and check the rear window and the 3rd time to replace the pirate window which didnt fit the veichle ... this is the part that really burnt my backside ... the winodw fitted was apparently an SABS replacement at a 3rd of the cost of the original.

I should post the video of how riduculous the window wiper look trying to wipe off the water.

I give the broker a little credit for attempting to save the day.

Autoboys ... well if you wanna deal with bunch of clowns who cannot stick to a appointment (they were suppose to be onsite at 8 am ...they arrived at 3.30 pm) cant even fit a window straight never mind one that actually has the right contour to allow the window wiper to clear the water off the window ... then we move onto the smash and grab ... its been 4 months of messages ...still no reply ... still not smash and fitted ... then today i cantacted a whole lot of autoboys branches ...until i finally got hold of someone ... to find out that it seems they dont know what a safety film classic 100 micron (4 mil) means ... it seems they dont do a safety film ... they only do a smash and grab.

I suppose most people wouldnt even know a pirate was fitted ...because the back window genrally doesnt have a wiper... they look almost the same and even have an SABS stamp (we all know the value of SABS these days.)

I am suprised that a company like Old Mutual would even deal with a company with this kind of track record... that saying you get what you pay for doesnt apply here ... Old Mutaul just throws hyte at you regardless of the premium.