I had to share this:

I get a call out to attend to a power outage the owner had already contacted the Durban electricity department ... who had checked the power ...indicated to the customer that it was an internal issue ... found that a 1.5 mm piece of wire would resolve the issue until they could get an elctrician ... however all that did was cause a whole lot of flicker in the lights and could have burnt their house down.

I get to site remove the piece of 1.5 mm wire ... test and find there 264 VAC neutral to earth... (lost neutral) switch off at the meter box ... voltage neutral to earth drops to 56 VAC ...I switch off the entire building at the DB and meter box.

electricity department arrives bck on site ...not a clue or just too lazy to actually put the ladder on the pole (being sunday afternoon ... just clocking overtime) ... it turns out that the coupler used to connect all the neutrals together wasnt suiable for concrentirc cable ( a bundle conductor connectors was used)

Dont you find it strange that they only repair water pipe during the night ... i have noticed 4 vans including security arrive 1 perosn dig swhile the rest sleep ... i can only assume they clocking the over ... i wonder if Ethikweni management get a cut from each person for organising the overtime or if it is just a screw the rate payer.