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Thread: COC for PV Solar installations

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    COC for PV Solar installations

    Good day fellow electricians. How do you as an installation electrician sign off on a PV installation with inverter supplying the complete house or a part of the property? Any example of such a coc with the tests would be highly appreciated. My email

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    Did you do the installation?

    I went to site yesterday and noticed one of my customers recently had a a new solar... inverter.. battery setup installed... i look forward to seeing the COC for the installation.

    Something to consider... customers see you as their electrician ...not the solar/gate/alarm/gas/aircon/etc installer... so when the shyte hits the fan or comments are made about the bad wiring ...untidy trunking installation or there are no labels on the new equipment or something goes wrong with electrical components... you are the electrician... not the other installers... my advice... make sure you belong to the CYA club and request a COC for the new box installed at the gate with lights or solar panels etc... follow up with an email.

    I am busy this morning compiling reports for sites where i have taken over as "the electrician"

    The report is just a brief outline of the work i have done... with reference to invoice numbers and the state of the existing electrical installation.

    Let this be a lesson for all small businesses like myself ...the day the customer moves to a new premises or sells the property as "the electrician" will be responsible for every part of that electrical installation... and boy dont remind the customer (as you pointed out 5 years prior when you took over) that the installation requires R50k worth of repairs before a COC can be issued... you will become the biggest c#nt know to man... and asked why as "the electrician" you didnt just repair all R50k worth of repairs while you were "the electrician". The honour of being "the electrician" comes with an open cheque ... or so they say ... for you to carry out the repairs required.
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