Hi, I have 2 problems with ufiling at the moment, I believe deleting the employee (and adding her again to start fresh) might solve my problems...

1. in the one instance I added an employee to the wrong company by mistake (I used the wrong UIF reference number when I faxed the UI19 forms) - I've recently starting using ufiling instead and I see she reflects there in the wrong company... how do I delete her?

2. with another company i'm a bit behind with submitting the UI19s *sigh*. I started filling in the employees details and salary changes etc, then realized I missed some previous salary changes that were dated prior to what I had already completed on ufiling… I realized I couldn't fix it by just adding the new employment info, because the system seems to glitch up and it doesn't reflect the correct info - I deleted all her info and started all over again but it still doesn't work - is there anyway one can start filling in an employee's details from fresh without the system bringing up old info (eg old employment dates and old resignations - this employee resigned and came back again). I think I've worded this question poorly but i'm so tired from trying struggling to sort this out

Thanx in advance