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Thread: Contactors as isolators

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    Contactors as isolators

    I have just watched a video where a guy uses contactors in the DB as isolators ...they run a trigger wire from a switch panel in the kitchen which switches the contactor on and off.

    Where i would think this is a brilliant idea food stores... if you have ever worked in a fast food store will notice all the plugs or isloators above the cooker units ( i dont know how they pass it like that considering the 3 phase sockets are not connected to 3 phase earth leakage) just imagine trying to switch off the plug or isolator if there is a fire.

    This would also work for washing machines...tumble driers etc where the outlet is normally behind the unit... you have the trigger for the contactor in a switch panel in an accessible position ...not in a cupboard above the fridge.
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    The idea of an isolator is to isolate the part of the circuit/appliance you want to work on. Thus, for safety reasons. It must also be within arms reach from appliance.

    I will not trust a contactor that can be switched remotely and it seems to be against regs.

    I think the best place to switch off burning appliances would be the DB.

    If possible I would rather put the contactor in the DB with control switch at a convenient place.

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    Think trip wires for conveyor belt safety as an example...

    Disconnecting device needs are not just driven by SANS 10142-1 specifications. There is no harm in putting in additional disconnecting devices if the need warrants it.

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