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Thread: SARS refusing to complete 2018 and older Verifications/Audits

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    SARS refusing to complete 2018 and older Verifications/Audits

    Good morning everyone,

    I recently assisted a client to get their taxes up to date.

    SARS decided that they wanted to do a verification on a few of the assessments, even though the client's profile was relatively straight forward which was no problem at all from my side.

    I submitted the documents on 01/10/2019 already, but SARS is refusing to complete these verifications "as they are not priority".

    Is anyone else also experiencing this, and any suggested remedies perhaps?

    Thanks All

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    Hi Rudolf,

    Raise escalation then

    Raise a complaint a

    All this can only happen within the time frames

    Please keep record of your case reference numbers as SARS cannot merely say this is not a priority, they have a service charter they must abide by, then you raise a complaint, we have had issues with with lodging notices of objection where SARS levies large additional sums on incorrect tax returns,

    Kind regards

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    Have a look at SARSís service charter: they have no turnaround for years older than 2019.

    I have quits a few cases like this, one of them were filed in July already. I supplies them with supporting documentation on the very same day, but they keep referring to their service charter.

    I doubt a complaint will make a difference if they are within the service charterís rules.. but itís worth a try.

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