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Thread: Geyser wise E4 error

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    Geyser wise E4 error

    Hi Guys,

    We've had a geyser wise installed as part of the solar geyser installation. Recently it started giving me E4 errors.

    According to the manual this means that there is heatloss somewhere. Because there is too big a discrepancy between the energy going into the geyser vs the rise in water temperature.

    I doubt this is the case as new pressure release valve ejects steaming hot water onto the roof with the temperature ready barely touching 50 on the display. This only happens on when the electric element is on.

    On sunny days the display goes up to 90+ without the pressure release activating.

    What could the problem be?

    Broken thermocouple?
    Faulty controller?

    What is your experience with this issue?


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    I somehow do not think that the probe is faulty as this is a resistor in a tube, however I think that there is an issue with either the probe wiring, or the probe has mechanically disconnected itself from its position.

    I find that many installers use a chocolate block to connect wires, and when tightening the terminal, break the wire in the terminal by the shear force of the screw. This is a typical problem that you are experiencing where the reading jumps around.

    I am glad that the pressure relief valve works, this is one of the safety features of the geyser, but concerned that the pressure relief valve is activating, as there should also be a thermostat in series with the element as part of the control. I think that the Geyserwise system uses DC, and hence the removal of the thermostat which will cause the contacts to burn/fail when it opens.

    The E4 error according to the manual is heat loss or faulty element, and refers to element failure, but they do not refer to incorrect reading from the probe. The fact that the pressure valve works, indicates the element is on and working with out any temperature control.

    If you can not check the wires from the temperature probes, I suggest you get a Geyserwise technician out as soon as possible, as the high pressure is placing a strain on the geyser, and failure of the pressure relief valve can cause the geyser to explode due to high pressure build up.

    You can see a video when Mythbusters removed all safety features and filmed a Geyser Exploding.
    Do a Google check on exploding geysers and you will see that this does occur.
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