Dear members, could you help me please. I have been speaking to a friend about selling my business to her as I am currently immigrating. She got a loan from the bank in principal and we thought all was done. But then she came to me last week Wednesday and said that they officially declined the loan as the business financials made them sceptical. She then asked me to give her some more time to try and acquire the finance another way. We spoke this week on Tuesday morning as she was still not able to aquire the full purchase price. On Wednesday morning I said to her that I would really like to sell it to her as she is a friend and I understand that she can only pay the R130k of the R375k. I said we will think about how we can possibly hand over some debt as part of the sale, but I said to her that we will sit down today to discuss the final agreement. On Wedneday during the day she paid the R130k into my account and have not used any of. I never asked her to do the payment straight away. My sister has been visiting and has been a party to all conversations. Last night I spoke to my husband that is in UK already and he was not happy with the offer and he had told me to not accept the deal as we still owe over R290k to my brother in law for my loan to buy the business 9 years ago. So my question (after this very long explanation) can she legally hold me to the agreement? Her husband was obviously understandably upset and has said that he is going to seek legal action against me. After speaking to her this morning and explaining that I cannot accept the offer (as I also have a full cash offer for R300k) I returned her R130k straight away. Can she take me to court? Or can I accept the other offer? What is my rights? Please help urgently. I am leaving at the end of October!