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Thread: Pastel 14 custom report

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    Pastel 14 custom report

    The revenue department in Mozambique currently requires us to submit a trial balance with the following requirements:
    * GL descriptions must be in Portuguese according to the Mozambican chart of accounts
    * Every GL account line must reflect the debit movements for the period, the credit movements for the period, and a total (debit less credit) column for the period selected.

    Is this possible in Pastel 14? Can a custom report be written for Pastel that can give this information? I have tried on Report Writer but could only find an option to show the cumulative balance per GL account and not the debit and credit movements in the account separately.

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    It should be possible to create a Sage Intelligence report to reflect the information you require.

    If you would like me to assist you, send me an email or private message, and we can discuss it further.
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    You can't do what you are looking for in the GL report writer. You will need the SI / Business Intelligence module. Maybe Alec Candiotes can assist (his info is in a few threads in the forum)- they have a power BI reporting tool.
    You can also do it manually in excel, either by creating an ODBC link to the database (32 bit MS Office - no 64 bit ODBC for pvsw, unless you upgrade to pvsw 13), or by exporting the GL transaction file to excel, then using the sumifs function to add the DR and CR per period, per account. It will take a while to refresh the data, but it can be done without the fancy tools. If you have to submit regularly, I would suggest using one of the app's or modules available, but if it is only once a year, you could perform the exercise manually.

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