1. Customer gets Invoiced for 1 hour of labor (Vat-able)
2. Supplier realizes a mistake was made on amount invoiced, and corrects it with a Debit Note (Vat-able) (linked to the Invoice)
3. Customer negotiates settlement discount
4. Customer makes payment for agreed upon lower amount
5. Supplier issues Receipt (linked to Debit Note)
6. Supplier issues Credit Note (Vat-able) (linked to Invoice) for discount portion to Customer
7. two weeks later
8. Bank reverses payment (for any number of reasons)
9. Supplier reverses payment in books and cancels receipt that was linked to the Debit Note

For 1 x Vat-able service delivered, SARS allows supplier to issue only 1 x Invoice and only 1 x Debit Note and only 1 x Credit Note

Which vat-able document can the supplier create to reverse the Credit Note that was created for the discount?