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Thread: Travelling fee

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    Travelling fee

    What do you charge if a customer is further than 50 km away from your workshop?

    Lets just use a standard 1 ton bakkie as an example.

    R3.50 per km

    R4.50 per km

    i see some companies charge as much as R6.50 per km

    Lets say the customer is 1 hours drive away, which would result in you being on the road for 2 hours to and from site.

    100 km

    Do you charge lets R 3.50 per km + your hourly rate

    Or do you charge R6.50 per km and no hourly rate.

    When you look at the cost to service the vehicle plus the petrol cost... i dont feel charging R6.50 per km and your hourly rate is unreasonable ... how ever there is good chance you gona loose the customer no matter how good you are.

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    Most techs charge us travelling time and no KMs. That seems fair to me. But if they are quite far maybe a KM charge and a lower hourly rate for the travel time.
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    I have worked out an average hourly cost for my vehicles and add that to my rate .

    Over 50 km we charge and hour travel time at the applicable rate of the team that is being sent out.We don't tell anybody that it is over 50 Km that we start charging to avoid the , I am only 49 Kms away.It also depends on how demanding the client is that phones in.

    I found when you charge per Kilo some people get wound up - When there is an average cost in your rate it swings in round about's and nobody really knows about it.

    On out of town jobs depending on how badly we need the job the rate varies between R3,5 to R4,5 - Again I take into account time spent , how much I am getting back on the hourly rate and size of contract.

    In PE , distance is a bit different , you either out of town or pretty much within the 50 Km radius.

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