HI all

A friend posted a small package to me from the USA using US postal service. It was A5 size padded envelope.

I was able to track the package within the USA and once it reached the international airport in Miami, the tracking stopped.

I have tried to find the parcel through our local post office and the feedback I am getting is if the parcel was not registered it cannot trace it within SA as no tracking number would be assigned.

I was told by the Durban mail hub that there is so much mail coming in that there is always a delay.

I went to my local post office in PMB and the guy said that without a tracking number its almost impossible to find it.

I sent a mail to customer service at the SAPO and received a reply saying that it was classified as non priority and would be processed by my local post office.

Has anyone any experience with post coming in from overseas. I would really like some advice please on how to locate my parcel.

All advice appreciated.