Good day all,

Thank you for any advice, it would be highly appreciated. We have a few companies on Pastel Partner V18. I have created a template for our statements, using the Form Designer in Pastel. When the statements are being printed / viewed, all the text boxes shifts towards the right (the layout is not correct). When I go into the Form Designer, all the text boxes have moved, even though I have save and locked the fields before exiting. This happens with all the companies where I have edited the statement templates.

We also have companies on the Sage 50 accounting, and I have used the Accounting Custom Layout designer, without a problem for those companies but I cannot get the page layout on Pastel right. Is there any way that I can use the Accounting Custom Layout Designer for Pastel? (When the templates are saved in Pastel Form Designer versus the Sage Accounting Custom Layout Designer, they are being saved in different formats?) I am not sure what to do.

Any advice? Thank you for your help.