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Thread: Harmonic filter or reactor

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    Harmonic filter or reactor

    I have a customer with 2 x 315kW motors for large fans.

    There are VSDs controlling each fan motor.

    One has a line reactor and the other a harmonic filter.

    What are your opinions on which is better for motor health and power quality?

    Is it necessary at this size motor to have filtration before and after the drive?
    Where all would savings be found and what sorts financial gain would you find?

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    My 2c, You can not use filters between the drive and motors, as this will affect drive performance and control. Even cable length becomes an issue if they are very long, as the capacitance/inductance in the cable starts affecting the PWM sine wave generation.
    One of the advantages of VSD drives, is that the power supply can be a bit crappy, the drive adjusts itself for best motor control.

    Unfortunately VSD drives do create a lot of electrical noise in the vicinity of the drive, in the motor cables, and in some instances even in the supply cables to the drive.

    I would contact the drive supplier and get their input.
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