Hi, Everybody.

Calling for help with a fence.

I have just landed a job to renovate an electric fence around a commercial property.
The system is about 8 years old, had no maintenance, and when it stopped working, anybody and his dog had a go.

The fence is a 24-strand, with random earth spikes, half of of which are not connected, and two gates.
There are two Merlin M28S (7.6 Joule) energisers, which have been connected in at least 3 different ways over the years.

My question is: How should I connect the energisers? Each has output for two fences. My thought was to connect each fence output to 6 strands, so:

Energiser 1, fence 1 - Top 6 Strands
Energiser 2, fence 1 - next 6 strands
Energiser 1, fence 2 - next 6
Energiser 2,fence 2 - last 6.
Would there be a earth problem, if each group of 4 has it's own earth spikes?