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Thread: How to "undo" a cashbook entry to a GL a/c and rather map to a supplier

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    Question How to "undo" a cashbook entry to a GL a/c and rather map to a supplier

    Hi there,

    We have Voda Plumming as a supplier in Pastel. I imported our bank transactions, and when I was mapping my cashbook I accidentally mapped the payment we made to Voda Plumming to the GL account "Maintenace". I then updated my batch. What I really should have done is mapped it to S for a suppler, and then Voda Plumming.

    Does anyone know how I can undo my mistake and have it map to Voda Plumming? Really, the end result I need to make sure of is that when I pull my suppliers report, our expenditure on Voda Plumming will be correctly reflected. I suspect then I need to do a couple of adjustments?

    Sorry, quite confused here. I'd really appreciate the help.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Michelle.

    First make a backup so that if things do not work out the way you expect them to you can restore and try again.

    Now make the exact same entry that you did under payments using the GL Account "Maintenance". Same date ... same reference same everything ... EXCEPT make the amount a minus figure.
    This should reverse the incorrect entry.

    Now make the entry as you should have made it using the "S" supplier and match it to Voda Plumbing.

    Update and check your detailed ledger for supplier and your detailed ledger for "maintenance" to see that it has been sorted.
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    I second what Mike has suggested, but I would like to add that you need to edit the mapping rule that you have created in Bank Manager, so that the error does not repeat itself for future payments to that supplier.
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