am hoping somebody on this forum can assist with some advice.

-My wife recently obtained her LLB Law Degree through Unisa last year 2018.
-She signed a 5 year articles contract under the old Attorneys act, which has now changed to Legal practice act.
-She has completed 4 years of her articles.
-She has not written her admission exams yet.

She has fallen pregnant, and because of complications will now need to resign and wont be able till work till the new year(2020). There is a chance her current employer may refuse to sign off or seed the articles because she is difficult and wont want to lose my wife as an employee.

How can my wife resign,keep her 4 years articles and still be able to write admission exams next year? or essentially be able to force the employer to sign off the articles in court but then apparently within a year you have to attend law school and cannot be off for more then 30 days, which she has been already because of the pregnancy.?

The law society have advised us that they are not allowed to offer advice regarding the articles and UNISA never answer calls.

Can anyone help?