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Thread: Pastel Version 11

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    Pastel Version 11

    I have 3 suppliers with o/i errors.
    It happened on 2 February 2019.
    Our year end was 31 March 2019
    Our suppliers age analysis for 31 March 2019 now does not balance to the Balance sheet.
    How do I solve this?

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    I suggest a support consultant/remote session, unless you are familiar with doing a datafix in PCC. You will also have to perform the repair in both databases (Current and xxx.2019).
    Either the supplier masterfile (accmasc) or the open item (accoi) files did not update correctly during posting. You need to isolate whether there are missing OI entries, or if the masterfile is out of balance, and either add back the missing transactions in the OI file or change the relevant balances on the supplier masterfile (and possibly supplier control in the GL Masterfile). You will have to add the entries in PCC. If you haven't done this before, contact a support consultant.

    I am sure one of my staff can assist remotely. PM me if you would like my contact details / costing / etc.

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