Hi all, very quick question regarding the Compensation Fund.

I have gone on today, payed the assessment amount due, which has gone straight through and shows as 'settled' on my account. So I then click on 'Get Letter of Good Standing', and it comes up with the sentence 'LOGS cannot be issued, Expiry date is in the past'.

There's nothing in the FAQs to suggest what this might be - any idea anyone? The only thing the FAQs say is that you need to put the request in writing about a week before, but why would there be a request button on the page 'Get Letter of Good Standing' if you actually can't do that?

Thankfully, I just need to prove that the contribution has been made, but it's taken me about 12 months to get this far with it all, so a bit miffed to be pushed back with this!

Thanks guys