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Thread: I can't see the future but I need to know if I should move back to South Africa!

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    Unhappy I can't see the future but I need to know if I should move back to South Africa!

    It's quite hard for me to make this decision, of course.. I do not know whether or not things will go out the way I want them to, everything could go wrong the second I step foot in South Africa, who knows?

    I definitely cannot see the future, and I can't say sure whether it's a good idea to go back to South Africa or not.

    However.. I do have an extreme feeling that it's bad idea, here's why I'm hesitant to decided NOT to go because of how corrupt it is at the moment.

    On one hand, I can see much of South Africa's negatives, which are quite a lot nowadays.
    But then I see it's positives, and I think it's not that bad if I moved back..

    I feel like things are going to hell, but everything is ok at the same time. It's a third world country, but it's also home. It's full of crime but it's full of nice people.


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    Where are you now?
    Why did you leave in the first place?
    Are you a member of one of the political parties' social media skunk works programs?
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    Your future is determined by the decisions you make. You and only you can determine this. Do you listen to your heart or to your brain? It is therefore important to gather all the facts and to make an informed decision.
    My questions: 1. Why did you leave in the first instance?
    2. Did leaving make you happy?
    3. Is there a future where you are now?
    4. Why do you want to come back? Did something go wrong that can still be fixed or resolved?
    5. Is there a future for you in South Africa?

    South Africa is one of the best countries in the world to live in. Our nature our people our food our diversity cannot be found anywhere else.
    Unfortunately politicians and corruption has spoiled it for everyone and have turned us from an emerging economy to a third world country.
    There are however people with the right attitude who are fighting back against corruption and crime. If you are up to the challenge and think you can assist to make a difference and to make this country great again, you are most welcome to come back. We need every last soul who has a positive attitude and who are prepared to make a difference, however small it may be.

    Good luck with your difficult decision.
    Excellence is not a skill; its an attitude...

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