Hello Everyone

I have a Question and need some advise

I have been working for a corporate company, however the last year I had a new Manager that is white that refer to me as your kind of people don't respect me. she's also been very picky on me the slightest mistake I make she hammer me. to a point were I'm making bigger mistakes cause I'm so anxious. Because she's a senior manager all her other senior friends is also make certain comments when you pass them or give you certain looks. I was told by her all senior management have her back to I can say whatever.

I have reported this at our HR department twice already and nothing is getting done. Because I'm complaining I'm the one getting seen that's wrong. HR told me I cant prove what I'm saying or they way she make me feel is not provable they need evidence, because of that they cant do anything, but she can prove a mistake I made that effect the business so they have to take her side.

What rights do I have, I honestly feel I've been bullied and I'm not the only one this has been happening to, I'm just the only one that vocal about it.

I'm anxious and my nerves is on an edge just going to work

Can advise please how should I approach this what should I do ?