Good day
I had a contract with a person to rent a car on a long term basis. I paid a security deposit and every months rental in advance. In September 2018 I was not paid that month end and subsequently that month was not paid, but I explained the situation and he let me keep the car. Thn October I started paying again the monthly rental, but by end of October I was in an accident and by the contract I was suppose to pay an excess fee. By the end of November I paid the arrear monthly rental I did not pay at the end of November 2018. Then he decided to keep the car for November as to relieve the financial strain on me, so I only paid the arrear monthly rental. By the end of December I paid the monthly rental and the excess and remeber the monthly rental payments are in advance so end of December was paying for January 2019. Then he refuse to release the car now requesting me to pay for the month of December even though the car was not in my possession and he used the car. I am also going to mention that in the contract there was not made provision for this scenario, where he can keep the car while I am still paying for it. Now he is still having the car and refusing to release it to me. What can I do now?