I have a pile of used electrical equipment...which i removed during a factory relocation

For example 40 amp 3 phase circuit breaker and many various sizes.

T 5 1200 x 600 light fittings.

and list 5 pages long of other stuff which works but not using...i normally just take the stuff to the dump and throw it away.

I am looking for old 5 ka black heinemann breakers 20 and 30 triple pole (would be better if they are D curve)

The point of this thread is to find out if there are any other electrical contractors who have store rooms full of used electrical stuff they would want to exchange or sell off at reasonable prices rather than the stuff collecting dust on shelves or getting dumped.

Another thing i believe would help ...those extra trunking bits and pieces that you buy extra but end up in a box in the storeroom...then you dump it and a week later you need it ...but can no longer get it from the supplier....even second hand power poles and bits.