Hi all,

My name is Dillon Jurgens, I am a 23y/o seasoned DJ and Producer from Cape Town, South Africa. I am currently working 2 jobs and making music in my spare time, I hardly have time to focus on finding gigs for myself. My goal is to make dj'ing a full time job and take it to a professional level, as music is my true calling and my passion, I'll work as hard as can to make that a reality.
I have a diploma in sound engineering and music production, I also had a weekly radio mix slot on MFM Stellenbosch radio.
I have been making music for 10 years and have had various releases on over seas dutch labels such as Wolf Rage Recordings.

I am desperately looking for a manager to start building a team and to take my music career to the next level, this takes a fast amount of team work and sleepless nights. I do believe that I have the skill to take a team to international standards with my music, skill and determination.

If there are any artist managers out there, who is willing to work with me and give it a shot!
Please contact me! I am eager to hear from you !

Dillon Jurgens