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Thread: How to keep the city clean??????

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    I have traveled a bit and have always noticed how clean the places were. Even in African countries where some of the poorest people stay in mud huts, you don't see the litter that we are getting used to in South Africa. Everyone cleans around their home or little business and litter is no-where to be seen.
    Here we see people from all walks of life throw their rubbish out the window, even at home, just over the fence into the empty lot.
    When will we ever grow up? Don't we have any self respect?
    Excellence is not a skill; its an attitude...

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    Today's society is not at all interested in the state of the planet and it is true that it is probably not going to affect them but eventually it will affect us all, I think that many people should change their thinking but it is somewhat complicated because society in General is very mentally impaired.

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