Hello Fellow Members,

I am looking for some ideas behind creating a logistics strategy that would be cost effective and reliable for product distribution.

2 scenarios that need consideration are:

Scenario 1:
(In the area of the businesses operation say 50 - 100km radius)
*Own delivery vehicles
*Outsource deliveries
*Outsource warehousing (vs. own warehouse)

Scenario 2:
(Out of the area of the businesses operation say > 100km radius)
*Own warehouse with delivery vehicles (cost implications and management of multiple warehouses)
*Outsource warehousing and distribution (vs own cost comparison)
*Deliver only when certain order levels are reached within the area (long lead times, additional costs, additional vehicles)
*Costing in this scenario is important as it would impact profits margins...

Would love to hear how others manage their logistics and anything else to consider,