So it seems as with all industries...people have figued out another way to cut costs.

That saying it is too good to be true...well it turns out the cable i buy for cctv and networking installations states "solid" ...but it is not solid copper it is copper coated.

So a tip when you find cat5E cabling which sells for R750 -R1200 best you rub the cable and verify that it is solid copper and not CCA.

The problem with these cheap chinese start having issues with crimping etc...the RG59 crimper YAC3 for example will not crimp the brass insert secure in the you end up with a loose is the interesting go back to hellerman tyton and inform them that their crimper doesnt work...they tell you dont have to crimp the centre just crimp the back lug on the braid...then it gets even more interesting...i requested they put it in writing...still waiting for a reply.