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Thread: Please advise

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    Please advise

    I have been under debt review since Jan 2016. All paperwork was filed correctly, and have made payments as per agreement. FNB handed over my account to a lawyer as they said that I had not paid. I see t proof of payment to lawyer and FNB, theybut said all was fine. Again, they have sent lawyers letter to say that I have not paid. I have sent all proof of payment through to them. Complained to banking ombudsmen as they would not come back to me. They have now said that I was paying with the wrong reference number, and theyhave issued summons. What to do?

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    Who has been administering the payment distributions?
    Why was an incorrect reference number used?
    And where did FNB allocate the funds?

    Is it as simple as reallocating the money already paid over?

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