Hi everyone

Iím currently the process of completing my masters in business administration and Iím looking for South African managers to complete a survey on how innovative their organisations are. The survey will take 10 minutes to complete.

When you have completed the survey, you can request a short report outlining your view of your companyís innovativeness. And if multiple people from the same company complete the survey I will create an anonymous company average report at the end of the data collection period and forward it to the managers of that organisation.

Innovation is seen as one of the pillars of economic growth by the World Economic Forum, and from a company strategy stand point one of the key points in company sustainability. By taking this survey you will hopeful gain some insight into how you can improve you companies long term sustainability.

Please participate! And once you have done that, please forward the survey link to any managers in your organisation or any other South African managers you think might take part.

To complete the survey please click here: https://goo.gl/forms/ktrDBneExq8vOcy22