This morning I received summons from the high court. This is based on the divorce settlement. I have been summoned because they say I refuse to sign a trust that me and my ex husband agreed to open for our kids and that we will both be the trustees. 2 months ago the attorneys gave me a call requesting me to come sign the documents, unfortunately because of my state I can't make it to their offices so the documents were sent to my house which was only affidavit and power of attorney, so I told them that I will not sign before seeing the actual document (Trust doc), the attorneys promised to send, to this day I'm still waiting. The beginning of last month they called me again to ask when I will be able to sign, then I referred them back to our conversation, another promise was made. So this morning I received summons from the high court and a threat that I will be imprisoned for 3 months if I still refuse to follow the court's instructions. The summons say I have been prolonging the negotiations and blatantly refusing to sign the documents sent to me. Please help because to this moment I haven't seen this trust they are referring to.