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Thread: Apple reaches new heights

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    Apple reaches new heights

    An hour ago, Apple became the first trillion US Dollar company in the world.

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    Spectacular - opens up a whole new era and dimensions for businesses...

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    Who of us here owns an Apple device?

    ...not me.
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    I do ...i have just upgraded my iphone 5 to an iphone 5 se.

    Other than the defect on the iphone 5 left corner ...which apple were aware of...when i notified them of the defect...they said they were aware of it... however only a handful of people figued it out and therefore were not prepared to recall millions of phones...the iphone5 still works...the reason i upgraded to the se is because the iphone cannot load the new ios software...i give the iphone 5 10/10 for everything else...its small enough to fit in my pocket...i have a computer or tablet if i need a big screen.

    i put the iphone 5 through some real tests...dropped it off came of the bicycle and slip down the road...kicked it across the room by mistake...only once after 5 years did i smash the fell off the work bench...fortunately a screen replacement for an iphone 5 has to dropped to around may not take better pictures than my wife P10 ...but late afternoon and early morning shots...i dont know why but nothing beats the iphone pics.

    i was going to get an iphone X...looked at it...also looked at the samsung top of the range nice toys ...but i have better things to do with R25000.00....for R3900 for an iphone se with 32 gig memory...its a no brainer.

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