In recent years, solar LED lights grow very fast. The technology become more and more mature, and the market spread more and more quickly. Now solar LED lights are accepted by more and more customers.

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Comparing to normal LED lights, solar LED light has the following advantages:
1. More energy saving
Solar LED light doesn’t need to use the power supply from city electricity, it is a system which can change light energy into electrical energy. When there is sunshine, the solar panel will charge automatically, and discharge at light to supply to the light. Solar LED light doesn’t cause extra money on electricity.

2. Have nothing to do with the local voltage
Because solar LED light doesn’t need to use the city electricity, so it will have nothing to do with the local voltage of city electricity. People don’t need to worry about the local voltage is 110V or 220V.

Solar LED lights include solar LED street light, solar LED flood light, solar LED wall light, solar LED garden light, solar LED light bulb, etc. They are widely used in street lighting, square lighting, garden lighting, rural lighting, home lighting, etc.

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At present, solar LED lights are very popular in Southeast Asia and Africa, but will spread to other districts step by step. We believe that in the next few years, more and more customers will buy solar LED lights. Solar LED products will cover most of districts and countries in the world.

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