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Depends on the type of Ram too but 8 gigs is nothing, Windows ten as a operating system is one of the biggest resource hogs, dont be fooled bu the cache. Its the operating system version of chrome looks fast but has a masive cache and eats resources alive. I think memory run with minimal apps open anywhere from 20 to 30 % used in task manager, youwould never have seen that on windows 7 for example.
Interesting point. Bear in mind I am not an IT guy so armed with information I am able to do what is required. When you say "type of ram" what exactly does that mean. The ram on my laptop label reads as follows ELPIDA 4GB 1R x 8 PC3-12800S1110-B2 (I have 2 of these to make the 8gigs.

I had a recent conversation with someone who had an SSD installed on a fairly on laptop that ran with 2gigs of ram. I don't know all the other specs but this oke could not stop talking about how his laptop is like a turbo charged machine now with just the SSD upgrade only.