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Thread: Why do you join forums?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatmaster View Post
    I joined my first forum in 1998 and since then got banned several times for being to... serious?
    How serious did you get?
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    I know one forum where there's a member who gets really serious about W3C compliance for websites.

    Whenever anyone posts a link to anything, it seems the first thing he does is run the page through the W3C validator and report back on the number of errors. He's just a bit too anal on the subject and has got up the nose of a number of the admin team.

    I find the fights that result quite funny (just my sick sense of humour, so no real indicator), but a few have suggested banning him over the ages.

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    Lets just say in all three cases I got a bit upset at the misinformation advocated by very respected members. When I pointed it out and didn't back down, I was booted. I am on my 5th forum alias now and use my alter egos to point out these silly issues. Chatmaster is my identity that I keep out of trouble though. But there are a couple of SEO forums and an online marketing forum where some of the youngsters have a bit to much attitude, so I will not risk Chatmaster in their presence. Ironically, my one alter ego has more rep than Chatmaster on all 3 the other forums, lol
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