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Thread: Need to advertise or market my company

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    Need to advertise or market my company

    I'm new in Forum.Sounds helping a lot to me because i'm learning a lot from you guys please help I'm in Durban and a lady sometimes I feel like quiting because things are really not good interms of marketing mt work so that I can find more clients.NEED YOUR HELP GUYS.Thank you

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    What company?

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    Well, start with the free and cheap stuff first:
    - Make a YouTube video explaining what you do. It doesn't have to be great. It can even just be your voice and a picture of your product or a slideshow.
    - Make a website with good, proof-read English explaining in detail your offering (the more detail you put on, the more Google likes you, so don't be afraid of making an essay somewhere). Try to use words on your page that people would probably use when googling. For example, if you're a plumbing company, mention plumbing a few times in the essay so that google easily understands you are a plumbing company.
    - Put your YouTube video on your website, so that people who don't like to read can just watch the video
    - Register your business on Google My Business; this will put your business on the Google Maps with all your business hours, contact details, etc. This will make it a lot easier to find you and will help your google search ranking.
    - Make a Facebook and Twitter pages for your business and mention your website on these pages and some info about your business (this will help your Google search ranking)
    - Make a small digital poster for your business and regularly post it on your local Facebook pages. Always mention your website to help your google ranking.
    - Make a free gumtree ad. To help your google ranking, mention your website in the ad.
    - Make a LinkedIn profile, discussing your business and also providing your website address (Again, to help your search ranking)
    - Make free ads on junkmail, olx, and any other platform you can think of.

    Then you move on to the more expensive things:
    - Print business flyers; hand them out to people you meet or just hand them out at stop lights, whatever it takes to get the flyers out (I've found that flyers are far more useful than business cards, for some reason. People throw away cards, but they'll put your nice flyer on the fridge, if they think your business is important enough)
    - Print business cards and hand them out to people in a professional context
    - Be utterly shameless and talk about your business any chance you get; sometimes word of mouth will lead customers to you, but you need to get enough people gossiping about you for that to happen. Get out there and socialise, use to find local groups of random people to talk to. You shouldn't be selling to these people, just talking about your business so that the word can spread
    - Make a vinyl poster and stick it on your car, if you have one. Make sure you get a professional to do this though.
    - Wear a badge or T-shirt that says 'Ask me about my business', so that random bored people in queues or other places you go to will use it to start a conversation with you. Again, more to get the word of mouth going, don't be rude and try to sell hard to everyone.
    - Email people who might want to use your business. Use Google to find potential local customers, and then be shameless and email them all. Don't just make one email and bomb a hundred people. Personalize each email to make your potential customers feel special. 99% of your potential customers will ignore your emails but it's the 1% you need to keep your business afloat

    Then the more expensive stuff:
    - Phone potential customers after emailing them, ask if they saw your email and if they are potentially interested
    - Visit customers in person on their premises to ask if they are interested in working with you
    - Buy potential customers lunch and use the opportunity to tell them about your business over lunch

    Then the most expensive stuff:
    - Buy advertising, eg newspaper or billboard advertising.

    Start with the free and cheap stuff first, and then move on to more advanced/expensive strategies only when you feel ready and you've properly laid the groundwork.

    Disclaimer: I'm not a marketer. I'm just sharing what works for me. Good luck!

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    Hi, Please focus on your old clients and gave better service to them. New customer made is not the easy thing at this time for your business. But you can change your marketing style and strategy in the latest type to atteract new customer from your business. You can do something different need about your customers.

    - You focus to represent your product in visual effects
    - Make Your Own Website
    - Promote your Business on Social Media
    - Encourage your friends to likes or adopt service

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