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    eCommerce site


    We have started an online eCommerce site.
    Based here in SA but dropshipping clothing items with a max price of 70$ from China to the US.
    We do not receive the product and it is manufactured and delivered from China and delivered directly to the US customer by our supplier.

    We have included shipping in the price but the question is on tax.
    We have the tax table for all the different states in the US but do we charge tax on the invoice to the client?

    We want to work ethically and not make any costly mistakes!

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

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    Ok i will share some of what i know, as a user you need a 3click rule, maening that whatever path you take to purchase something of your website the longest route should be 3 clicks.
    Menus - Menus of eccomerce stores mean alot more than on your average website because of the amount of products or variations you may offer , it serves to knowck of that 3 click rule.
    Search bar that work and works well. Ecommerce search bars are no even a question, also set it up so that you show related items beneath the results. Instead of just what was searched for.

    Never leave a user in wondering where to go next.... always have a ofer , a call to action at the somewhere on a page once you have given enough info, donr drop it to soon or too much , variate the terms or else it will seems spam my to that user.

    Persistent shopping cart is a no brainer..

    Let me come to your question about tax and shipping ...have a read about this article, high shipping charges kill sales as people perceive it as separate to the with tax, eventough it is part of the product. I would rather cover the cost within the item then declare it as a price on its own.
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