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Thread: How to index a blog in Google News?

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    How to index a blog in Google News?

    How to index a blog in Google News?

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    Also you need to be producing unique content and regularly if you want to be considered for Google News, they actually do not allow blogs, so you need to structure your site to be more "News" like.
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    I'm not sure why you think your blog will be approved for News.

    First of all, Google news is all about getting "News" sites being added to their platform.

    So in order to be accepted your site must be a News website or a look alike, where you are posting everything related to breaking story and something similar.

    You would need writers who can cover stories immediately and post in on to the site. Don't think that something which happened on wednesday and you could post it on Sunday.

    There are guidelines to be accepted as a news site, but along with that, please be very sure that your site gives a feel of "news portal" rather then a blog.

    Content Policies -

    Technical Guideline -

    Tips you could follow -

    Submite your site here - Click Here

    Hope this helps.
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    How to submit your site
    To submit your site, follow the steps below:

    1. Open Google News Publisher Center
    2. Use the Search Console to verify ownership of your news site
    3. Click Request inclusion in news index
    4. Enter your website details, including news section URLs and labels
    5. Click Submit

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