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Thread: New UIF registration

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    New UIF registration

    Hi guys

    So I am a new business and as such registered with SARS for PAYE and was automatically registered for UIF and have been given reference numbers for both.

    As far as I understand I need to register with the department of labour for UIF as well. I have been searching for an online portal to register but all I can find is a PDF form (UI-8) to manually complete and submit via email.

    Once registered I will have to make payment for PAYE and UIF at SARS and submit my forms to dept. of labour.

    Please can someone advise whether there is an online portal to complete and submit the UI-8 form and that I am following the correct process.

    Thank you kindly

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    Kavesh there is none that I know of and as far as I know it is a manual process.

    There are some consultants around that will do it for you at their offices. If need be I can PM you one's details.

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