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    I need to do an assignment for Financial Management where I need to discuss the merits of having a financial manager perform a dual role as a financial manager and management accountant.

    In all the research I have done so far, I can't seem to find anything useful.

    If there is anyone that can provide me with information regarding this matter I would be truly grateful.

    Kind regards


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    Try to google job descriptions.
    Often, in smaller or start-up businesses, you will find overlapping duties. The fancy titles are sometimes just to give a person some status, but in actual fact it may be a book keeper that also has to do stock control and HR and ordering of supplies and refreshments.

    A financial manager (usually a CA) normally oversees the financial activities of an organisation, the strategy and implementation of systems, whereas the management accountant manages bookkeepers to capture financial data which is used for financial reporting to management and directors. In a smaller company, these jobs may be merged, but still defined with fancy titles to create an image of importance. Juast as a manging member of a CC is sometimes referred to as a CEO.
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