Good day,

I urgently seek assistance and advise.

September 2017 I was unfair dismissed due to misconduct.
I went to CCMA and was awarded 3 month's salary compensation, as well as had the decision overturned to "contract came to an end" - on agreement between parties. CCMA settlement agreement states: Letter stating end of contract".
However, I never received such a letter from my ex employer.

I applied for over 800 jobs since November to date without any success.
Finally yesterday I was called by an agency for a position and when she called my ex employer she was not given a basic telephonic reference.
However she was faxed a letter from them stating: Employment ended due to MISCONDUCT (in bold and capital).

I would like to know if the company is allowed to submit this to potential employers when CCMA ruling and agreement was "End of Contract".
I had to cancel my second appointment with an agency today - especially when I learnt this is what my ex employer is doing.

This has tarnished my reputation and any possible future employment.
I will never be able to find any future employment.
Is there nothing I can do legal wise?