Dear All,

I need advise.
I bought a car in 2013, financed through Wesbank, I fell into arrears, they sent me summons. presently the arrears amount including legal fees for summons amounts R6500. I called Wesbank to make payments arrangements so that the case doesn't go to court, the court date is on the 27th March 2018. They told I have to pay the arrears including legal costs. I asked legal cost for what?, they say is for closing the file. they quoted me R7500 for closing the file. So if I don't want the case to go court I must pay immediately R6500 plus R7500. The R6500 that they are calling it arrears actually it is legal fees for sending me the summons. I do have R6500 to pay immediately, what I would like to know is if I pay the R6500 that is showing on my statement that I owe, will they still take me to court. I also feel that the R7500 that they charging me to close the file is exorbitant. Please advise the best possible solution for me. When I check on their Website "Wesbank website" they are advising client to call them to negotiate the payment before the case go to court. When I spoke to Tebogo Seleke from Wesbank she told me I have to pay the R14000 to enable them not to take me to court.