Silvertondale Security Cluster - Employer
Mr. X - Employee

Good day,

I have a situation where Mr. X's position as a Patrolling Driver became redundant as we had to temporarily cut on our Response shift until I have met my 100 client mark on Monitoring & Response.

We had a meeting with Mr. X on the 21st of February where we explained the situation with him and offered him a temporary position in our company until, like mentioned above – we have met our target which will justify the 24 hour patrolling shift.

Mr. X rejected the offer and said he will rather choose to leave the company. I gave him two weeks notice in the meeting held after he made his decision. Mr X worked his notice period of two weeks as well which we paid him for (Breakdown below)

Yesterday was his last day and I did research on the CCMA Website RE; Retrenchment process in order to do everything by the book.

Yesterday, on his last working day we paid him the following (Package) as per Labour Law in this case.

February salary included some of his notice days worked and the remaining March Hours worked out at total 60 Hours
We paid his Annual Leave days or the balance days
We paid him his Annual Bonus
And then the payroll system generates pro-rata Allowances

As per Labour Relations Act, s189 Mr. X forfeited the Severance pay because of the rejection of alternative employment therefore we did not pay him his severance pay.

Mr. X refuses to sign any documents then I made a note on the front “Receipt of Document” page. However, Mr X said he will be going to the CCMA to find out if we paid him correctly.

I just need peace of mind that we did the process correctly as per the research we did.