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Thread: Pastel V17: Customer Accounts

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    Pastel V17: Customer Accounts

    Good Afternoon Members,

    I am trying to work a bit smart/faster here and need your advise on the possibility of this. I have a list of school learners (grades one to ten) for which I need to create "customer accounts". This process might take me some time to create the accounts, talking about on average 45 learners per grade!

    1. Is it possible to have the customer creation format in excel of which I can import into Pastel, or must I manually create the accounts?
    2. When creating the accounts, the processing options "Open Item" and "Balance Forward" what does these choices imply or effects thereof?

    Thanking you in advance for your input!

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    1. Yes, create one customer account in Pastel, go to file and export - now export Customer Accounts, Open the exported file with excel and add the other details, save as csv file and import into Pastel

    2. Open Item - Payments will be linked to specific invoices, Balance forward - all payments will be matched to the oldest invoices due

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