This is the story of me and my Iphones, sorry to post a negative story my first time. Maybe some of you will find it interesting. This is not to rant on Iphones, more of my personal cursed Iphone stories.

I'm Chinese and came to Durban alone when I was a teen, and have lived in Durban over 15 years now.

My first Iphone I owned was an Iphone 3G when smart phones just started to form, my dad bought for me on my second trip back home to China. After I came back to Durban, I accidentally dropped it in the toilet. Ops, that phone I had less than two months.

Then I used Blackberry for quite a long time of years when it was in fashion.

After I got my first proper job, I treated myself to an Iphone 6 Plus when it just came out. It was the longest Iphone I owned-almost two years. When I stopped my car at a red robot, unfortunately my window was down and a knife was held against my neck, so I gave that phone up.

Then I managed to locate the phone with 'Find my Iphone' two days after and got polices to go with me to try and retrieve it. It was a terrible idea! As we got to the dangerous part of central town Durban, some unknown people started throwing stones at my car, shattered my side windows. Even the polices was helpless, so I gave up.

Couple of months later, I bought an Iphone 6s. I had it less than a year, and it was snatched from my hand at a restaurant parking bay by a random person when I was out with friends.

I just couldn't believe my damn luck so I bought an Iphone 7 two days later as it just came out not too long, believing third time is the charm. Can you believe that exactly two months later I was involved in a hijack, lost both my car and the phone?

I was feeling damn weird about the whole thing, and scared to buy any more Iphones until recently, a friend was selling a second hand Iphone 6s. I bought it and less than a month, it was once again snatched by someone from my hand at a restaurant parking bay.

I think I'm just cursed with this device, people. And I really enjoy Iphones but all these heartaches it has brought me.

I understand SA has a high crime rate but for over 15 years I lived here I still felt safe unless there is an Iphone invloved. Literally all the bad crime happened to me, there's me and my Iphone. I'm just damn puzzled.