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    Pastel Company "Deleted

    "Good Morning,

    I processed a company complete for the year and when I wanted to open it the next day, the company is missing. I searched on My Computer and still could not locate the company. I am not sure if it has been deleted by another user that logged onto my computer or that there is something wrong on the system. Is there a way that I could locate the company to restore it?

    Your feedback and assistance is highly appreciated.

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    The company folder with all its data is probably still on your computer, and it's just the Pastel menu that is not showing it.

    Browse (in Windows) to your Pastel folder on your C: drive. Depending on what package you are using, the folder will be named either XpressXX or PastelXX.

    You should see your company folder there.

    In order to add it to your Pastel menu, open Pastel, then go to Manage Companies.

    Is the pane on the left empty or does it show your company there, but with a red cross over it?

    If it is empty, click on Locate Server at the top right and browse to C:\XpressXX\Custom\Registration, or C:\PastelXX\Custom\Registration and click OK. Your company should then show, and you can click on Close.

    If it shows the company with a Red Cross over it, highlight the company and then click on Activate Company on the right and then browse to your company folder under C:\XpressXX or C:\PastelXX and click on OK, and then click on Close.

    If you need further assistance, send me a Private Message or email, and we can arrange a TeamViewer session.
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