This morning I heard about the big upgrade planned for the congested freeways of Gauteng. Two things stuck in my mind - R22 billion and 47 tolls.

The following story has more detail.
Gauteng motorists will have a new, congestion-free highway system by 2010 - but they will be paying between 30 to 50c per kilometre to use it.

Minister of Transport Jeff Radebe on Monday announced a R22-billion plan to extend and upgrade the province's freeways over the next seven years. The first phase, at a cost of R15-billion, will be in place by 2010.

Called the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project, it involves 560km of roads to be upgraded as well as the building of new roads to improve accessibility and reduce congestion.
full story from IOL here
There's no doubt the upgrade is long overdue. But I was quietly wondering - isn't there a road levy built into our petrol price somewhere?

At least these tolls will be automated with electronic detection systems. I've seen this system in operation around Miami. Quite pleasant, actually. You get an electronic tag which means you can just drive straight through in the electronic dedicated lanes and get the bill at the end of the month.

I suspect we might need to Africanise the system though. Those "drive straight through" lanes might enjoy some non-electronic vehicular attention in these parts.