I currently work in sales and we have the POS module but not using it to it's full potential, mostly because our bookkeeper doesn't know how to process the transactions when it comes to the CARD/EFT/VOUCHER items.

Currently we are only capturing cash transactions which is sent to a POS Cash on hand control account.
But with V17 you are able to set=up a control account for each payment type.
So I suggested that we make a POS Card control account etc.
But for some reason the bookkeeper said she cannot post balances to the GL POS Card Control as it when she needs to do the bank recon it doesn't reflect any payments/receipts posted to GL accounts and she needs it to be 0.00

So now we are basically getting a ton of card/eft transactions which we have to manually list at the end of the day - then when she gets the bank statement she has to split the settled amount and distribute it to the specific payees instead of us directly allocating to the invoices at the point of sale saving her and us the step of doing this daily.

What would be the correct way in processing this payment from the bank statement and doing the bank recon with this control account in place?