I came a across numerious emails and seen it promoted in forums, I didn't bother looking at it because I am working the getaway club which by the way is doing great

Anyway I finally looked at it and I am sooooo glad I did, what I liked about this is that if people are too busy to work it then they DEFINATLY don't have to, below is the link that I recorded to explain just that and the income making side of it.


This company gibline is in prelaunch they are a revenue sharing company, it's like putting skype and My space and you tube, go daddy all in one company
we all know that millions of people are part of these companies and these companies earn millions of dollars.

This company has taken over a year to make all this happen, they have the best and most different revenue plan, listen to this audio that I recorded
A quick audio explaining how the income works


For all other info or to join click here


gibLine #1 - $50 Line
gibLine #2 - $100 Line
gibLine #3 - $200 Line (example pod 1 you earn$200, pod 2 $200 pod 3 $200, then you earn a matching bonus because pod 2 and 3 earnt $200, so all up you earnt $1000, on that cycle
(that is not including gibline 1 and 2,) when u cycle secound time you will get a free pod, so u have 3 pods now they became 6 pods, 3 pods go back around line 3 and 3 pods go to line 4, and the same thing will happen line after line)
gibLine #4 - $400 Line
gibLine #5 - $800 Line
gibLine #6 - $1,600 Line
gibLine #7 - $3,200 Line
gibLine #8 - $6,400 Line
gibLine #9 - $12,800 Line
gibLine #10 - $ 25,600 Line...etc.