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Thread: Pastel Xpress 17

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    Pastel Xpress 17

    Hi Neville, I am using Pastel Xpress v 14 and I have downloaded version 17 but have not installed it yet. Am I right in assuming that Pastel 17 will install in a new directory and that I can still work in Pastel 14 until I am ready to move the company across?
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    You are correct Mike, provided you do not allow it to migrate your V14 companies over to V17.

    Also, if your V14 registration is up for renewal in the near future, don't register V17 immediately otherwise it will supersede the V14 serial number when it comes up for renewal.
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    Good day,

    I'm also using Pastel version 17 - I'm experiencing a very strange problem all of a sudden today - While printing my invoice as well as my copy tax invoice when done with an invoice my second invoice the "copy tax invoice" comes out and all the text on the invoice is striked-through with a line through all the words on the "copy tax invoice" Did anyone here maybe ever had this problem and do anyone maybe know how to fix this problem maybe? The firt "tax invoice" document prints fine with no problems, but the 2nd invoice, the "copy tax invoice" comes out strikethrough all text on the page - This also happens when printing or emailing your quotations as well... I will appreciates anyone's help if you maybe had a problem like this before?

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    Hi i am using Pastel 17 also, i update my receipts using the cash book but they are not shown on the customer statement. is there a way to have them reflect on the statement because using the receipting module is rather tedious.

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